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Our Philosophy

The soul of The Kindness Foundation is made up of its’ 3 pillars - Inspire . Infuse . Impact .

They are essential to the character of the Foundation, and serve as a vision for people to follow.

Our Philosophy

It only takes one person and one kind act to light a spark, create change and trigger an unstoppable wave of kindness. The Kindness Foundation’s work is designed to plant that seed and inspire individuals to connect with themselves, connect with others and with the world around them one day at a time.  

We believe that humans are hardwired to help and care for others and have infinite capacity for compassion at the very core. We seek to ignite, nurture and empower this innate nature while expanding the current perception of kindness by exploring and eliminating limiting beliefs and biases. 


One of the pillars of the Foundation’s philosophy is to provide tools that help deepen our life experiences and enrich our views on growth, well-being, relationships and the universe.

Our workshops, programs, events for people of all ages, equip them with tools that can be internalized for personal growth and also help foster kinder, more compassionate communities.

These tools help infuse kindness into daily life and into the world by using a sensitive and empathic approach to re-establishing our relationship with our environment thereby expanding the wow moments of life. We hope to ignite a desire to not just live, but to thrive as a species.


Kindness is compassion in action.

We aim to empower every individual to: 

  • rise above their circumstances, by making choices with a kindness mindset in place. 

  • transform lives and shape the world around them in powerful and constructive ways by performing spontaneous acts of compassion and love. 

  • serve as many under-served communities as possible and make a true, measurable Impact in the world. 

  • lead by example and show that indeed, every human does count and has the power to single-handedly amplify the immeasurable power of kindness.

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Meet the Team
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Mahima Poddar





Antara Pandit


Mayuka Goenka

Founder & Managing Trustee


M. Mahadevan


Radha Rathi

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Senior Trustee

Press & Media

Press & Media

What people are saying

The Child Safety workshop is the best and most informative one I have been to. Simply superb and you were so awesome! Your subject matter and handling was brilliant!! I never give feedback but you certainly deserve 10 stars on five!

Parent of 5 & 8 year olds

I would like to thank you for all lovely sessions. You have the power of bringing a certain calm, safe and secure environment around you and that helps us with sharing our true feelings so that we can better ourselves. These classes have truly helped shape me as a better human being and I have no doubt a better interior architect. I will continue working on myself and developing my skills and confidence. Once again thank you!

Neha, First Year B.Arch

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