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What if the determination to leave your past behind, takes you down a road of opportunities and unexpected happiness?

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Lal Batti Express

January 2020

A street play performed by young girls aged 15-25 who are the daughters of sex-workers from Mumbai’s red-light district, empowered the people of Chennai to help create social change. 


This inspiring and emotional play was brought to Chennai by The Kindness Foundation, in collaboration with FICCI FLO.

Kranti NGO

The Kranti NGO, rescues and supports young women who are survivors of sex-trafficking, thereby providing them with hope and tools to transform their lives. 

Social Impact

Acceptance and inclusion were two very critical pieces that the event highlighted. This event proved that no matter where you come from, you can get strength from that & stand united. 

Rave Reviews

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Lal Batti Express was a beautifully, movingly executed performance. We had a lovely time, with loads of learning. What courage, empathy and compassion the girls had. Kudos to you for getting this in front of us

LBE 17.jpeg

Loved the narrative - simple yet powerful ! Loved the fact that there was no self pity but great strength and courage and faith and hope and belief and forgiveness and gratitude and kindness and more.

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Thought provoking! Kudos to Mahima and TKF! Kranti has come a long way in making a difference, bringing sanity to so many. And FLO for organising so well. It was a privilege to have witnessed the show.

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